Gemstones are the final subtilities of nature that are the expressers and supporters of beauty since thousands of years by its features and symbolisms. Using them will give your skin brightness and energy and lets it sparkle from the inside.

DIAMOND is the most valuable mineral with a universal effect. Its exceptional rarity and unique strength, wonderful glittering is the symbol of everlasting beauty, life, endurance, honesty and innocence.

EMERALD is the second most valuable gem after the diamond. Its deep green shine, fulfilled with beauty emits harmony. The symbol of rejunenation, youth, hope, fertility and spring. It can be connected to immortality and loyalty as well.

SHAPPHIRE's honour lies in its expressive beauty. Symbolizes wisdom, neverending patience, beauty of body and soul, justice and celestial virtues.

The excellence of RUBY manifests in its shine and energy. It is the symbol of grandiousity, harmony, intuition, self concoiusness and vitality.

WATER - as the other incredibly important component – its quasi-crystalizing feature is that it can transform its structure. However the permanent stable clustering of the water can be formed with the help of science that is applied first in Hungary in the Panflora’Soul and DIAMONDS product line. We provide you this wonder in a stabilized, formulized, Hydro-Form Transfer™ form.