Decelerating the aging seemed a pretty unstable proccess till the science discovered and experienced the skin’s cell-regenerating ability of the cereal extracts.

Kaviczky applies a unique synthesis and concentration, to stimulate the cell recovery, to end skin irritation that is advised in any age. The cereal extracts has preventive, restoring and sustaining effects. Without their usage the outer environmental malefficiencies effect agressively, however the cereal extracts protect our skin 24 hours a day, in the 365 days of the year. It is a multilevel compound that is in synergistic interaction communicating with the cells stimulating the vital functions of the skin, recovering the lipoid balance. The isoflavones, the coumestans and the lignans are in the Hungarian GMO free, pure cereal extracts, in particular the oat, the barley, the wheat and linseed creating the perfect harmony that helps the self defending mechanism of the skin.