The magic of the volatile oil is in the concentration of the active agents of aromatic plants, which can be increased up to 100% . Restored volatile oils in flowers, fruits and roots are concentrated natural materials that help the subsistance of the plant.

The Kaviczky skin care uses this help where the volatile oils have carrier functions. They tone, firm, soften and heal the skin enclosing the agents. The secret of he unique efficiency of the volatile oils is that they can penetrate into the skin fastly and deeply. Bounding the water molecules, the active agents that you can find inside in solute state can be more effective by the vector function providing the smooth and deep absorption of the beauty products that multiplies the efficiency of the phito-therapy.

The volatile oils essences provides hardly perceptible, sophisticated fragrances that are in perfect harmony with our body and gently dissolve pressure and stress through the limbic system.