The mud of the lake of Hévíz has marvellous features and that beneficient effect on the skin is what Kaviczky natural skin care maximizes and applies with the unique efficiency in the most pure form of the nature. The speciality of the humic acids is the feature that can increase the potential of the cell membranes while migrating to the skin, bounds heavy metals and mighty improves the appearance of the skin by a general antiphlogistic and painkiller effect.

The location-specific peat mud that can only be found in the medicinal lake of Hévíz is a solid structured, mixed typed, active biomass. The ingredients contain a cocktail of specific agents from the humification such as plants, minerals, natural antibiotics, antioxidants and vitamins as well. It increases the temperature of the skin at a minimum level. Its ability to keep the temperature is outstanding. It never causes allergy, on the contrary, it is an anti-allergic material. It is the most exciting field of the natural sciences that gives a new view to the beauty care as well. Recognizing soon this fact, Kaviczky applies successfully the peloids in the beauty care protocol since a decade.