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I. Ágnes KAVICZKY productstructure-developer and managing director

II. KAVICZKY the Hungarian productline – and its place of origin in Hungary

III. The Lake Hévíz – the water, the mud, and the Lakes’s wildlife

IV. KAVICZKY’s philosophy – naturality, softness, elegance

V. The treatment – the human as a whole, where skin plays an important part


productstructure-developer and managing director

I had quite a distinctive interest towards science even in my childhood. I studied Molecular Biology and after my studies I started to work as a research assistant. During my work I was always interested in the application of science in our daily lives. I also attended to a cosmetical course to improve my knowledge about the requirements and demands of the beauty industry’s.

In 2005 a French luxurious cosmetic company asked me to be their trainer and spread the knowledge on the company’s cosmetic procedure learnt in Paris all around Hungary. This experience inspired me to create my own brand and cosmetic productline, with using exclusively natural or organic ingredients and agents.

Recently we can experience that changing aspect that people are getting to be more and more attracted by a natural and organic lifestyle.

The KAVICZKY productline represents this naurality, which is free of all kinds of preservatives, colours and synthetical fragrances. My aim was to develop a premium cosmetic productline which meets the world’s requirements in this industry and both the format and its content represents those values which characterize Hungary. That is the reason that already at the beginning of the developement of my products I have chosen so unique basic agents, components, as the water and mud of Hévíz as Hungaricums.

I think it is exeptionally important, that everything serving a person’s well-being, health or beauty should come from the Earth’s natural treasures and it can not have false or fake ingredients.

Human beauty - which means the appearance – and the inner beauty as well. I believe that KAVICZKY products and treatments can give a significant contribution to this type of integrity.

The trust which becomes an essential part between the beautician and the guest already has a power to create a harmonious atmosphere, which cures the body and the soul too.

I believe that all the above mentioned, describing KAVICZKY can be summarized in three words, as naturality, softness and elegance.

I wish all of you success and happiness in your work in the field of beauty!

Kaviczky-László Ágnes

II. KAVICZKY the Hungarian productline

- and its place of origin in Hungary

Hungary is the country of thermal waters. In Hungary - uniquely in the world – there are hundreds of thermal waters and lakes, which favourable effects to the health have been known for thousand years and have been used by the different cultures living here. The drilling for carbohydrates that started in the 1910’s led to the discovery of thermal waters of medicinal value in 600 locations and Hungary, became the richest country in the world. Hippocrates in the 6th century B.C. described illness as the disruption of the harmony between man and his environment. This statement is kept in mind and this is one of the reasons why in Hungary doctors and people who work in the field of healthcare recommend to patients to relax in the thermal waters, and sense their positive health curing effects.

This concept is being followed by the developers and specialists of KAVICZKY, using the positive effects and special ingredients from the most well-known Hungarian lake called Hévíz in their products.

III. The Thermal Lake of Hévíz

The Thermal Lake of Hévíz is the world’s largest biologically active natural thermal lake. The formation of the lake goes back to the ancient times, about 200 million years ago, and it was born from the crystal clear seawater, called Pannon Sea.

The water

The thousands of years old turf bottomed thermal lake is fed by the cold and warm karst waters, which are mixed and rich in minerals found in the 38 meter deep source cave. The water is changed every three days. The lake has valuable minerals, and trace elements such as Li, K, Si, Ra, S, and Zu, Cn, Ca és Mg, and NaCO3.

The mud

One of the curative tools of Hévíz is the turf, the medicinal mud. The bottom of the lake is covered by 1 to 3 meter phytogenic and mineral origin. This charecter itself makes the lake unique, because the water-course is not a volcanic origin, but turf. Where the karst water of different temperature meet a saddle of mud can be found, where huminacid evolves. The humin acid originates from plants, through microbiological ripening. It is an organic agent with grand molecule and a grand long coal chain. It has useful features, which can be used in the beauty care. It can increase the potential of the cellmembrane, and by this it becomes vital. It is perfectly appropriate to detoxify the skin as it ties metals, rejuvenates the skin, and pales the wrinkles. It has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptical effect.

The Lake’s wildlife

Wildlife is unique due to the unique surroundings. The red water lily planted in the lake gives a beautiful sight, so as the blue flower lily, with its special beauty.Hévíz thermal lake is unique due to its temperature and unique chemical composition. Some of the interesting wildlife and botanic species of Hungary can only be found in their natural habitat here. Algae, weeds (especially blue algae), sulphur bacteria, actynomycetales and agricultural weed. The micro-organisms and metabolism products of the water and mud contribute significantly to the healing force of the lake. The various strains of bacteria provide antibiotic and antiseptic effects. The most spectacular members of botanic life are water lilies. There is quite a lot of micromonospora (Micromonospora heviziensis) as protease, which counts new for the science. Its activity helps in the creation of the mud. There are unique species in the world in this unique sorrounding of Hévíz.

Hévíz’s nomination on the World Heritage expecting list was due to its unique medicinal factors, unique wildlife, as well as its beneficial effects on the local and regional environment and culture. KAVICZKY wanted to use the curative effects of the Thermal Lake in the field of skin care. In the KAVICZKY productline the mud and water of Hévíz playes an extremely important role. A special combination of agents – which can be found in all of the products - meant to represent the uniqueness of KAVICZKY’s productline. The special combination is the Pannon Formula PFTM, which consists of the mud of Hévíz, the water of Hévíz, natural grain extracts and biologically pure essential oils.

IV. KAVICZKY’s philosophy

naturality, softness, elegance

KAVICZKY beautycare takes a side by a holistical aspect, which views the human as a whole. A human being is the integrity of the body, soul and the spirit, which harmony should be fostered during the treatment of skin.

The skin is a continously changing living texture, and its actual condition should always be the focus, when the treatment starts. The guest should feel that the skincare does not assists the natural regeneration and rejuvenation process of her skin, butin the meantime the guest herself arrives at a harmonious state as well. The aim is the effective and smooth treatment, which rejuvenates and refreshes both the body and the soul.

The naturality, softness, devotion and professional knowledge makes the KAVICZKY treatments and products unique.


V. The treatment – the human as a whole, where skin plays an important part

KAVICZKY generally views the skin as a whole in the course of the treatment. This process starts according to the skin’s current condition at the time of the treatment. As we make a decision on what to eat, what kind of nutriment our body needs at the moment of eating our skin also tells what it thirsts for. The beautician who took part in the KAVICZKY’s training immediately knows which ingredients are needed to start the natural regeneration of the skin. The training for experienced cosmeticians can be finished in 4 days. The principle of KAVICZKY is that without this ttraining neither the treatments, nor the products can be applied such an effective way. The beauticians who acquired the necessary experience during the training will be able to make decisions which products should be used at each phase of the treatment.

In the course of the treatment the guest’s comfort, and calmness are the most important, so the effective and harmonizing treatment can start right now!



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