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Energy, vitality, freshness and youthful momentum. The cosmetics in the Kaviczky Vitality Package not only give the skin but also our souls these positive feelings, as ruby is the gem of vitality and vine blossom strengthens ambition.

Contents of the package:

Ruby drops (15ml vial pipette + special pack) + Vitis cleansing balm/FLORA'BALM Vitis Flos (50ml airless+special pack)

Diamonds Rubin Drops: Active-rich anti-aging concentrate. Gently blended with the skin minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and helps maintain skin tone.

PanFlora'Soul Vitis Cleansing Balm: Effectively cleanses the skin, removes makeup and other impurities while intensively hydrating and protecting the skin.

Price of package:

193 EUR + choose another Kaviczky gift box for free

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