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Kaviczky Premium Point program

Dear Visitors!

We are glad to inform You about the start of our Kaviczky Premium Point program only valid for registered and non-distributor customers. Registration is free, you can use all the collected reward points by any of your purchasements.

You can make 1 EUR with every single Kaviczky Premium Point.

Being part of the Kaviczky Premium Point program, you will be able to enjoy our exclusive offers and Kaviczky Point promotions.

The Kaviczky Premium Point program is not available for our distributor partners.

How to collect Kaviczky Premium Points?

After every purchasement of a 10 EUR value you will receive 1 Kaviczky Premium Point

Registration: 3 Kaviczky Premium Points

Subscribe to our newsletter: 2 Kaviczky Premium Points

Offer us to your friends: 5 Kaviczky Premium Points, while the friend who uses the code will receive 1 point as well.

How to purchase with Kaviczky Premium Points?

1 Kaviczky Premium Point = 1 EUR free from the assumed value of the purchasement

You can redeem maximum 3 Kaviczky Premium Points by purchasement.

The value of the redeemable points will be subtracted from the final gross amount of the Basket.

for 3 Kaviczky Premium Points!

for your Kaviczky Premium Point account

More information about collecting Kaviczky Premium Points

In case you would like to offer us to your friends, please send them YOUR unique Promotion code. You can find this Promotion code in the footer after every signing in to your account until somebody uses it.

If one of your friends uses that code given by YOU before completing the order (typing the code in the right field) with any of their purchasements, the code will be identified immediately, linked to YOUR account, so YOU AND YOUR FRIEND will get your Kaviczky Premium Points automatically.

WARNING! One promotion code can be used only for once, so if you share it with a lot of your friends, only the first user will get the 1 Kaviczky Premium Point for it.

How you can check your Kaviczky Premium Point account?

After signing in you can check your actual Kaviczky Premium Point account in the footer or in Weboffice menu.

More Information about the purchasement by Kaviczky Premium Points

How to purchase with Kaviczky Premium Points?

- Only for registered users with non-distributor accounts can collect and purchase with Kaviczky Premium Points.

- Drop the product inside the Basket.

- Type the value of the redeemable Kaviczky Premium Points in the field 'Available Premium Points'.

- Click on the 'Apply Premium Point discount' button.

- If you typed in an incorrect amount, the program will warn you with an error message. These two things could occur:

a) Your typed in more points then you actually have in your account, or you already used the maximum value ( now it is 3 points) of Kaviczky Premium Points

b) After subtracting the value of the redeemable Premium Points, the Basket did not reach the previously defined minimum amount, which is 0 EUR HUF at this moment.

The Kaviczky Premium Points can not be transfered from one user account to another.

The Kaviczky Premium Points will not expire, you can only collect and redeem Kaviczky Premium Points at the www.kaviczky.hu website.

Terms and Conditions

Membership & Entitlements

The Kaviczky Premium Point program is the reward system of Kaviczky Prémium Ltd., only valid for users of www.kaviczky.hu website. Only individuals can participate in the Premium Point program and every participant can only have one Premium Point account. Workers, managers and distributors of Kaviczky Prémium Ltd. can not participate in the Kaviczky Premium point program.

Collecting and purchasing with Premium Points

After every purchasement of the products of Kaviczky Prémium Ltd. that reaches 10 EUR we redeem you with a (1) point. Before completing the order, you have to sign in to your account at www.kaviczky.hu to be able to use your Kaviczky Premium points. The points of your purchasement will be redeemed after completing the order. The value of the points does not count as money and can be only used at www.kaviczky.hu. The Premium points can not be exchanged to cash.

Changes, Expiration and/or Withdrawal from the Premium Program

Kaviczky Prémium Ltd. has all the rights to modify (in every way including the commitments of giving users' rights to another user without any responsibility towards the users participating in the program) the rules, the reward system, the conditions of the program or any other feature and they can terminate the Premium point program at any time regarding their way of thinking, informing about it at www.kaviczky.hu.

Kaviczky Prémium Ltd. has all the rights to exclude users from the Kaviczky Premium Point program. In case of any abuse, breaking the rules or any deception or abusive behaviour, Kaviczky Prémium Ltd. can recall the user's right to participate in the program and that will influence its future participation in the Kaviczky Premium Point program as well. The membership can not be assigned to any other user and only members can purchase in the Kaviczky Premium Point program. If the membership is recalled or expired, the Kaviczky Premium Points of the account will be automatically expired as well. Kaviczky Prémium Ltd. has the right to change the terms and conditions and change it on the website too. It is the responsibility of the user to keep being updated about the likeable changes and conditions of the Kaviczky Premium Point program. Participating in the Kaviczky Premium Point program the users accept that the changing conditions will be still valid for them.

Limitation of Liability

The Kaviczky Prémium Ltd. will not be liable for any damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with your participation or membership in the kaviczky loyalty program, including damages arising out of changes to or termination of the program. This is a comprehensive limitation of liability that applies to all damages of any kind, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss of or damage to property and claims of third parties. To the extent permitted by law, the limitations on Kaviczky Premium Ltd.’s liability set forth herein shall apply whether for breach or repudiation of contract, or whether in tort, civil liability by way of negligence, gross negligence, strict liability, or otherwise, even if advised of the possibility of such damage. By agreeing to these terms, you willingly agree (or, if you are a minor, your parent or legal guardian willingly agrees) that you have relinquished your right to seek these damages from Kaviczky Premium Ltd. and that this is a reasonable allocation of risk.