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Intensive Ampoule Cure


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It is the real elixir of beauty and the secret of being (almost) forever young. It contains concentrated active agents that provide professional solution for decreasing the appearing marks of aging.

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Besides the plant botox the product contains plant stem cells that help the active agents to penetrate into the deeper layers and stimulate the collagen production of the skin.The ampoules provide an oil-free, surfactant-free, emulsifier-free and scent-free form of skin treatment for users. Quick and impressive results can be achieved with the appropriate use. Produced in sterile, pharmaceutical environment.

The box contains:

1 pcs lyophilized powder in a vial

1 pcs activating liquid, in a plastic bottle with spout

1 pcs Cosmeceutical Progressive Care cream, 15 ml

The ampoule and cream are sufficient for an approx. 5-week treatment.

How to use?

Pour the liquid in the plastic bottle into the glass. Mix it well then pour it back into the plastic bottle with spout. Put 1-1 drops to our fingers and press them gently onto the under eye area and to the deeper wrinkles around the mouth.Use a few amount of the cream to our fingers and smooth it into the skin from the midline of the face going outwards.The ampoule and cream are sufficient for an approx. 5-week treatment.


Kaviczky Plus

The number of muscle contractions is reduced by 71% after one week of use. Within 28 days the size of the wrinkles is reduced by 49%, improving skin smoothness and the depth of the wrinkles by 47%.


Lyophilizate: mannitol, saccharide isomerate, pentapeptid-3, ceratonia silica gum, glicoproteins,sodium hyaluronate,phenoxyethanol

Solvent: aqua, ppg-10, chondrus crispus, propylen glycol, citric acid, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate

Cosmeceutical Progressive Cream