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KAVICZKY bathing gloves

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The VEGAN, Austrian-made, 100% cotton, soft-touch, highly absorbent, dermatologically tested, premium, embroidered bathing glove is an essential accessory for everyday showering and bathing at home, as well as the Kaviczky Classic Test Scrub and the Kaviczky Maison .
The bathing glove is made of the highest quality cotton, thanks to which it gives a particularly pleasant feeling to the skin, as well as helps to remove dirt and conjures up silky skin.

Packaging: in a cellophane bag with an adhesive strip.

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Austrian-made, classic design with an elegant suede border.
VEGAN, dermatologically tested, made of high-quality, high-quality cotton, which gives it a particularly pleasant feeling on the skin.
The bathing glove is perfect for any Kaviczky Maisonethic bath & shower gel or Kaviczky Classic Test Scrub.
The recessed, adult hand-sized glove gently removes dead skin cells on wet skin through its surface and design.
It is also a perfect choice for exfoliating skin during a sauna!
Size: 16 cm wide, 22 cm long.
Color: white.
Textile weight: 660 g / m2.

How to use?

Before use, moisten the glove with warm water at a comfortable temperature, and after use, wash it thoroughly according to the label on the product and dry it properly so that it is always fresh for showering and bathing!
Easy to clean in a 60 Cº washing machine. Cannot be treated with bleach!

Kaviczky Plus


Base material: best quality cotton.
Material composition: 100% cotton.