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ANTI-AGING super pearls BOX

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Innovative, vegan anti-aging active ingredient superconcentrate. Patented fermentation process that increases the bioavailability in the skin.
Bio-collagen (III-IV) + sh-peptide-123 + hyaluronic beads produced under sterile conditions.
It promotes the outstanding hydration of all three layers of the skin through rapid transdermal absorption.
A representative solution to counteract the chronological aging of the skin, as well as to slow down the visible signs of skin aging, to maintain the hydration of the skin in all three layers.

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What is different, why is better?

• A unique and intensive anti-aging program in which the vegan biocollagen + hyaluron + peptide combination bead is transformed into a special, concentrated serum.

• The filling and firming effect of the bead ampoule can be felt and seen during the first use

• Refreshes, hydrates, regenerates and tightens during the treatment due to the progressive effect.

• The skin regains its elasticity, youthful radiance and toned state.

How to use?

After cleansing, open the bottle, remove the sterile silicone plug.

Add 3-4 ml FloraEnergy treatment lotion (3-4 spraying), carefully shaking dissolved.

Amear it evenly on the skin of the face, neck, and decollet.

Kaviczky Plus

Concentrated treatment for immediate skin renewal. A 5 * vitamin and peptide cocktail anti-aging night glow enhancing serum designed to maximize the strength of the skin’s natural nocturnal renewal and visibly reduce the appearance of all key symptoms of aging while correcting daily environmental aggressions. An instantly visible and tactile end result is a brighter, smoother, firmer and more youthful skin image. He lost his vitality on his face. 1 weekly suitable for cure-like use.

Advice of Ágnes Kaviczky: 5 star luxury treatment that can be easily and safely applied as part of a home care routine. Dazzling instant efficacy when beautiful skin is not just an expectation but a real realization.


INCI: Sodium Hyaluronate, SH-Polypeptide-123, Mannitol, Trehalose, Pullulan, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin