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Ethereal Moisturization

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present box

Contents of the package:

Serum Moisturizer  (30ml pump glass jar + present box)

Cosmeceutical Innovative Care (15ml glass jar + present box)                                               

Gentle Exfoliating Cream (50ml tube + present box)

Enjoy pampering a beauty salon at home! To do this, you can get complex help with the Ethereal moisturization Package. With the combined use of cosmetics, your skin will be ethereal, smooth and youthful. Experience the reborn and beautiful skin.

Állatkísérlet mentes készítmény GMO mentes készítmény Organikus készítmény Vegán készítmény


The Ethereal moisturization Package has been compiled to provide simple yet highly effective home cosmetic treatment from scrubbing to deep hydration to skin rebuilding.The Gentle Exfoliating Cream gently removes dead skin layers without mechanical effects, and can be used to treat skin problems such as scars and miters. Accelerates and restores natural skin regeneration to enjoy a perfectly clean, smooth skin experience.The Serum Moisturizer reaches deeper layers of the skin with natural substances that replenish the moisture content of the skin, such as silky barley, grape seed oil and tara wood. It is worth using for a month, on a daily basis. It is important to always apply a cream over the serum, which also ensures the hydration of the epidermis.To do this, we recommend the Cosmeceutical Innovative Care, what cares for the skin with herbal botox rebuilds at the cellular level. High vitamin C content helps to synthesize young collagen fibers.

How to use?

Gentle Exfoliating Cream : Use a few amount on chin, nose, forehead and cheekbones. Massage it with cyclic movements from up to down gently into the skin. Massage for at least 2 minutes to activate the enzymes with the heat caused by body temperature and rubbing. Finally rinse it off with a lot amount of tepid water and use your skin care product.

Serum Moisturizer : After cleansing put some drops on the face, neck and neckline, then smooth it into the skin with gentle concentrical movements. No need to rinse it off. It is worth to apply it terminally by regularly scheduled treatments following the change of the seasons, so we can reach the desireable effect.The treatment is a month term long when we use it on a daily basis on the face, the neck and the neckline as well.

It is important to use a cream on top of the serum that provides the moisturizing of the cuticle.

Cosmeceutical Innovative Care: 24 hour facial care that can be used at daytime and at night as well. Use a few amount of the cream from your fingers to the midline of the face towards the ears and smooth it into the skin.

Kaviczky Plus

The unique Pannon Formula nourishes your skin, it consists of the medicinal mud of Hévíz, the thermal water of Hévíz, natural grain extracts and biologically pure essential oils.The healing power of Hévíz’s Mud had been proven by scientists. It contains vegetal, mineral agents, trace elements, natural antibiotics, anti-allergenic ingredients and antioxidants as well, that your skin will enjoy as the beneficial effect of the Kaviczky Product lines.