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The Kaviczky Serenity Package ignites the sparks of joy in our souls. The active ingredients in emerald and liliodendron blossom help to create a cheerful, relaxed, harmonious mood. Serenity is one of the greatest gifts we can give!

Contents of the package:

Emerald modelling gel cream (50ml airless+special pack) + Liliodendron Flora energy/FLORA'NERGY Magnolia Liliflora (50ml vial spray+special pack)

Diamonds Emerald Massage Gel Cream: Extremely Intensive Nourishing Skin (s) Architect. Promotes long-term hydration, enhances collagen synthesis, reduces visible signs of aging.

PanFlora'Soul Lily Flower Energy: Nourishes, replenishes and pampers the skin. It enhances other active ingredients on the skin, but can be used alone.

Price of package:

193 EUR + choose another Kaviczky gift box for free

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