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What is the secret of eternal youth? Beauty, innocence and purity. This is represented by the daisy in the Kaviczky Youth Package, while the daisy is an expression of femininity. The valuable active ingredients they contain help keep the skin and soul young.

Contents of the package:

Daisy Flower elixir/FLORA'LIXIR Bellis Flos (15ml vial pipette+special pack) + Baikal Skullcap Dew/FLORA'DEW Scutellaria (50ml vial spray+special pack)

PanFlora'Soul Daisy Flower Elixir: Cures swelling, edema and dark circles in a single step. It conditioners, soothes and smoothes sensitive areas of the eyes perfectly.

PanFlora'Soul Baikal Skullcap Dew Nourishes, Protects, Moisturizes, Provides Perfect Anti-Aging Care With The Power Of Herbal Flowers.

Price of package:

193 EUR + choose another Kaviczky gift box for free

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