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We are always looking for diversity, new things, opportunities for advancement that give our lives new goals. The Kaviczky Rejuvenation Package not only helps our skin, but also our soul, to rejuvenate with the power of herbal flowers. Mint balm is a symbol of rejuvenation, and sapphire is the sky stone of spiritual purity.

Contents of the package:

Melissa Flora oil/FLORA'OIL Balm Mint (15ml vial pipette+special pack) + SAPPHIRE drops (15ml vial pipette+special pack)

PanFlora'Soul Melissa Flora Oil: Helps to completely renew skin structure, activates skin collagen production, tightens skin and softens.

Diamonds Sapphire Drops: Gently blends in with the skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and help maintain skin tone. It provides a noticeably smoother, smoother skin.

Price of package:

193 EUR + choose another Kaviczky gift box for free

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